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Axial Master Brake Pump or Radial Master Brake Pump? Which one is for you?

10 Oct 2023
Axial Master Brake Pump or Radial Master Brake Pump? Which one is for you?

Axial mounted master brake pumps are generally the original equipment that are installed from the factory. This is due to their low cost to produce. Generally, these masters are cast in bulk and offer more forgiving input characteristics than that of radial mounted cylinders. There is generally limited or no adjustability of the lever with the original equipment as they are built to a price point as opposed to a performance benchmark.

Radial mounted master brake pumps offer greater input and feedback feel through the use of higher quality components, materials, and manufacturing processes. The better feel is achieved by having the lever input act directly on the piston creating the hydraulic pressure in the system. Billet and precision forged cylinder housings, coupled with billet levers can reduce the amount of flex in the system resulting in more direct feel.

In the nutshell, if you are looking for optimum responsiveness for your brake system, for your ride safety, you can consider Solfili’s radial mounted master brake pump – MB14!


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