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Product Type: Brakes System
Placement: Right Hand
Size: 14mm
Color: Black
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Upgrade your vehicle's brake system with the Solfili MB14 Master Brake Pump. Enjoy superior stopping power and increased confidence thanks to its highly efficient design. Perfect for street or racing applications.

Bigger Piston Size

The piston size plays a crucial role in determining the hydraulic force and braking performance of the master brake pump. 14mm piston size is suitable for both street and racing applications due to its specific characteristics.

Ergonomic Lever Design

Ergonomic lever design is incorporated to enhance the handling of the brake pump. The lever is designed to be comfortable and user-friendly, improving control and responsiveness during braking.

Power Coating Cylinder Body

The power coating on the master cylinder body provides better rust resistance. This coating serves as a protective layer, preventing the master cylinder body from being affected by corrosive elements. By resisting rust, the brake pump can maintain its structural integrity and optimal performance for a longer period, ensuring reliable braking performance even in challenging environmental conditions.

Lever Adjustability

Lever adjustability enables users to customize the lever's reach and bite point, tailoring it to their individual needs and providing optimal braking response. This flexibility enhances the overall braking experience, allowing riders to achieve precise and controlled stopping power.

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