(NEW) SOLFILI GT-2A Monoshock

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Product Type: Suspensions
Model: LC135 - 203MM
Color: BLACK
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The GT-2A Nitro-filled Monoshock is an advanced suspension system tailored for motorcycle riders who prioritize comfort, control, and resilience. This cutting-edge monoshock combines innovative technology with precision engineering to deliver an outstanding riding experience. Here are the key features that distinguish the GT-2A Nitrofilled Monoshock:

  • 35mm Piston: Equipped with a 35mm piston, the monoshock offers a larger surface area for improved damping and shock absorption, providing a smoother ride, particularly on rough terrains.

  • 14mm Piston Rod: The 14mm piston rod is designed for strength and longevity, ensuring consistent performance even under challenging conditions. It strikes a perfect balance between strength and flexibility, resulting in a responsive riding experience.

  • One-Piece Body with Reservoir Tank: The monoshock features a seamless one-piece body with an integrated reservoir tank for enhanced durability and efficient heat dissipation, maintaining reliable performance during extended use.

  • Adjustable Compression and Rebound: The GT-2A Monoshock includes built-in adjustable compression and rebound settings, allowing riders to fine-tune the suspension to match their preferences and riding style. This customization provides optimal handling and comfort across different riding conditions.

  • High Damping Force: With its superior damping force, the GT-2A Nitro-filled Monoshock offers exceptional control and stability, enabling riders to stay on course even on tough terrains. This feature enhances both safety and performance for a variety of riders.

Upgrade your ride with the GT-2A Nitro-filled Monoshock and enjoy a superior riding experience. Whether you're navigating city streets, tackling race tracks or light off-road trails, this advanced suspension system ensures reliability and performance for all your adventures.

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