(NEW) SOLFILI Cylinder Head

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Product Type: Cylinder Head
Model: Y16ZR/NVX155 IN20/EX23
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The SOLFILI Street Performance Cylinder Head features a myriad of enhancements tailored to elevate engine performance to unparalleled heights. Its meticulous construction boasts the following attributes:


Oval Shaped Intake Port

Crafted with precision, the intake port adopts an oval shape, meticulously engineered to optimize airflow dynamics. This design refinement ensures an efficient and smooth intake process, facilitating enhanced engine breathing and combustion.

O2 Sensor Port:

Equipped with an O2 sensor port, this cylinder head enables seamless integration of oxygen sensing technology. This crucial addition allows for precise monitoring and adjustment of air-to-fuel ratios, ensuring optimal engine efficiency and performance under varying conditions.

Ready-Made CNC Intake Port

Featuring a meticulously crafted CNC intake port, this cylinder head sets a new standard in airflow management. The CNC machining process guarantees unparalleled accuracy and consistency, resulting in a port configuration optimized for maximum flow rates. This translates to improved volumetric efficiency and overall engine output.

Suitable for Increased Engine Displacement

Engineered to accommodate increased engine displacement, this cylinder head provides the necessary foundation for power-hungry enthusiasts seeking to unleash the full potential of their machines. Whether it be through bore and stroke enhancements or other displacement-boosting modifications, this cylinder head is primed to deliver exceptional performance gains without compromise.


In essence, the SOLFILI Street Performance Cylinder Head represents the pinnacle of engineering excellence, combining cutting-edge design with meticulous craftsmanship to unlock newfound levels of power, efficiency, and reliability for Y16ZR/NVX155 engines. Whether on the streets or the track, this component stands as a testament to innovation and performance prowess, propelling enthusiasts towards exhilarating driving experiences like never before.

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